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1. What is in Bowser Beer?
We want to make the best product for your pet (and ours, too!). Bowser Beer is made in the USA with all human-grade, US-sourced ingredients and is inspected and tested by the FDA. Even our packaging is made in the USA! We use real meat (beef, pork or chicken), malt barley (naturally high in Vitamin B!), and add glucosamine for joint health.


    Water, USDA Beef or Chicken or Pork, Malt Extract, Glucosamine HCL, Citric Acid (preservative), Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Potassium Sorbate (preservative)

Guaranteed Analysis For all flavors:
Crude protein (min) 1%
Crude Fat (min) 0%
Crude Fiber (Max) 0%
Moisture not more than 89% 

Things you’ll never find in Bowser Beer? Added salt or fat, carbonation, or alcohol.

Bowser Beer™ is 100%  USA sourced and produced.

Shelf life 2 yrs, Expiration date is on bottles. Shelf life tested.

Bottled in plastic, 12 fl. Oz (335 ml) PET long neck beer bottles with tamper-proof, resealable caps.

2. Why is real beer not good for dogs? Will Bowser Beer make my dog drunk?
Human beer can be very dangerous for dogs. Hops – one of the primary ingredients in human beer – can be toxic and have been known to cause a condition called Malignant Hypothermia. To read more about this condition, please click here. Carbonation and alcohol are also not good for dogs and can cause discomfort, gastric distress, and confusion. If your dog has consumed human beer and is sick, please get them veterinary care as soon as possible.

3. How do you serve Bowser Beer? How much should I give my dog?
Every dog is different – some dogs like to slurp Bowser Beer straight out of the bowl, while others like it poured over their kibble to make dinner extra special.

You can make your own recipes – at the 3 Busy Dog homestead, our dogs like it frozen into popsicles in the summer or poured over a bit of sweet potato on top of their dry kibble. Pour over doggie ice cream to make a Bowser Float! Check out our Instagram feed for other ideas!

Serving suggestions:
Teacup dogs: a few capfuls
Small - Medium dogs: half a 12 oz. bottle
Big dogs: entire 12 oz. bottle. Try to take bowl away at your own risk!

Since our products are made with real meat, please refrigerate any opened bottles (best used in 7-10 days).

4. Can cats drink Bowser Beer?
Yes! Many cats love Bowser Beer poured over their food. You can even order a 6-pack of custom-made Meowser Beer with your cat’s photo on it (just pick the Meowser Label!).

5. How do I put my dog on a label?
Just stop by our custom label order page, upload a photo, and then choose your template and flavor! Have fun and be creative with your brew name and picture.

Photo tip: pick a clear, high-resolution photo of your dog. Headshots are best.

6. Do you have free shipping?
We must pay to ship every order to our customers; many companies recover this cost by building it into the price of their products. Rather than charging more for our goods, we’d rather offer you a fair price on all our products and charge you only for the actual cost of shipping. We work hard with our shipping partners to bring you the lowest shipping costs possible.  We recently added the SmartPost option, which adds a little transit time but can be a less expensive shipping option.

7.Do you ship outside the US?
At this time, we are not able to send orders outside of the U.S.

8. How do you support non-profits?
We have partnered with Military Working Dogs Team Support Associate (MWDTSA) to support their programs by donating Bowser Beer and treats. They send over 3,500 quarterly care packages to active duty and retired military handlers and their K9 partners with treats and practical items. Our beer has traveled the world to reach K9s as far away as Afghanistan!

We also partner with select animal welfare groups through our Charity Custom Label program. We donate 15% of the charity label 6-pack for every one purchased.

We are currently featuring a label for:

Summit Assistance Dogs, a non-profit that trains highly-skilled mobility-assistance dogs for people living with disabilities, giving them increased independence and renewed confidence 

Dogs on Deployment, which provides an online network for service members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets during their owner's service commitments

Military Working Dogs MWDTSA. an all-volunteer 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that was established to support American Military Working Dogs and Handlers.


If you are having a non-profit event and wish to purchase Bowser Beer to use at it, we offer non-profit discounts – just fill out a request for a Wholesale Account and include your 501 (c)3 paperwork so that we can set you up in our order system.

We receive many requests for donated items for events. Our giving is focused on organizations that benefit military working dogs and assistance dogs, and on animal assistance organizations in the Seattle area (where we are based). If you’d like to request a donation, please contact us at We review each request but due to sheer numbers of request, we cannot fulfill them all.

Service Member with MDWTSA Gift Pack (Photo Credit: MWDTSA)
Service Member with MDWTSA Gift Pack (Photo Credit: MWDTSA)

Crude protein (min) 1%