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Custom 6-Pack for Charity

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Custom 6-Pack for Charity

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Want to drink your beer and also do good? Now you can add your dog's picture to a charity custom label.

We donate 15% of the sale of the Custom Label 6-pack to the spotlighted charity you choose, and include a special card about the program your purchase is helping for your recipient. We currently feature special Military Working Dogs and Dogs on Deployment labels to choose from - read more about these amazing groups below.

Bowser Beer is a beer formulated just for dogs. Made in the USA with real human-grade beef, chicken or pork, it has no added salt or fat. Combined with malt barley which contains vitamin B and amino acids, and glucosamine to promote healthy joints, you have a delicious brew that is healthy and nutritious. We care about our pets as much as you do, so there is never alcohol, carbonation, or hops in Bowser Beer.

How to serve: Dogs love it chilled in a bowl or poured over their boring, dry kibble. For an extra-special treat, mix with pureed pumpkin and pour over dinner. Your dog will sit up and beg for more! Refrigerate up to about a week if you don't use it all at one time. Each 6-pack contains six 12 oz. plastic recyclable, resealable bottles. Your custom label order will ship out 1-2 business days after your order.

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Dogs On Deployment

Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit providing a central network for military members to find volunteers willing to board their pets while they are deployed or have other service commitments, making them unable to temporarily care for their pets. No pet should ever be surrendered to a shelter due to a military commitment. DoD exists to help military members keep their pets by alleviating the need for pet relinquishment from military members due to the hardships of deployments.

Tanzie, seen here on this label, was the 2017 ambassador for Dogs on Deployment, and our 2017 Military Pet of the Year.. She is an adorable three-year-old mixed-breed dog who has gone “from street to chic,” barely surviving on the war-torn streets of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Today Tanzie is happy and safe from harm. She and her family, furry brother and sister Benji and Bella, and parents and rescuers Katie and Walker Ward, run The Tanzie Project.


Military Working Dogs (MWDTSA)

MWDTSA supports dog teams currently deployed in harm’s way, promotes veteran dog handler causes and events, advocates for retired military working dogs (MWD), educates the public and raises funds for War Dog Memorials, among other MWD related objectives. Supporting both ends of the leash since 2006, MWDTSA solicits, funds and delivers goods and supplies into the hands and paws of teams serving both at home and abroad. They have been a valued partner recognized by commands in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

Sheppy, seen here on this label, has served his country well and is enjoying time with his family.


Puppy Up!

The Puppy Up Foundation is a national, non-profit, grass roots organization based in Memphis, TN that is committed to discovering the common links between canine and human cancers and the causes of these cancers through comparative oncology research. We raise awareness, educate, and invest in research that benefits both pets and people.  Over 14,000 dogs have attended our nationwide walks for the past 11 years, including 1,300 that have been touched by cancer. 80,000 pet owners have been educated on the early warning signs of canine cancer. That knowledge has helped them be proactive in their pets’ health. Just like in people, early detection results in better treatment options… often less expensive and more successful outcomes too. We want our pets to have as many happy, healthy days with us as possible.

Hudson, seen here on this label, is a cancer fighting superhero (had at least 6 mast cell tumors removed). He has walked over 2,000 miles with Founder Luke Robinson raising awareness of canine cancer. Hudson retired from long walks and like to take lots of naps now!

Puppy Up!


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  1. Labs brew

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 17th 2018

    Joy to my heart and my Labs heart to do this for charity and also for us.

  2. Excellent Product!

    Posted by Kara G on Feb 12th 2018

    Loved this custom charity 6 pack! The custom photo and name were perfect and my dog loves the "beer" he got for his 3rd birthday! Happy to support a charity in the process!

  3. Best unique gift.

    Posted by Dave on Dec 26th 2017

    What to buy for an adult son that buys everything for himself? You buy something for his dog. This is a unique gift and it was the hit of the day. My son had to do a double take on the custom labels. Speaking of which, the labels look just as good as real beer labels. Glossy and clear. London, his Jack Russel enjoyed her first half glass with Christmas dinner. We are planning on buying more the other four legged family members in the future.


    Posted by Kara on Feb 3rd 2017

    Ordered a custom charity 6 pack mix pack for my dogs 3rd birthday since he'd be 21 in dog years & these were a hit! The family thought they were hilarious! The custom photo and name were a highlight and the fact that a portion of the sales went to charity made me happy. My dog loved the beer over his food. Will be back for more in the future!

  5. Dogs loved it. Humans loved it.

    Posted by Jackson on Dec 26th 2016

    The dogs have been enjoying the beer. They are dogs who will eat entire bags of dry flour so that is unsurprising but it is cute to watch them. My mom and sister loved the custom label and we have all enjoyed giving them to the dogs and saving the bottles. We were all touched by the opportunity to donate to charity and having a choice of charities was nice--as a special ed teacher I was really happy to donate to a cause that helps give kids with disability access to dogs who will help them and my mom and sister were happy to have a donation made on their behalf. It made the gift a lot more special.

    I had a bit of trouble ordering it online which may have been owing to the fact that I was ordering it last minute for Christmas but the woman who helped me over the phone went out of her way to help me and it did end up arriving within a day or so of my ordering it with plenty of time to spare before xmas!

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