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Bowser Beer 6-Pack

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Bowser Beer 6-Pack

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Bowser Beer is a beer formulated just for dogs. Made in the USA with real human-grade beef, chicken or pork, it has no added salt or fat. Combined with malt barley which contains vitamin B and amino acids, and glucosamine to promote healthy joints, you have a delicious brew that is healthy and nutritious. We care about our pets as much as you do, so there is never alcohol, carbonation, or hops in Bowser Beer. 

How to serve: Dogs love it chilled in a bowl or poured over their boring, dry kibble. Your dog will sit up and beg for more!

Our dog beer doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened. The each bottle has a resealable cap, and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week!

Each 6-pack contains six 12 oz. plastic recyclable, resealable bottles.

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  1. We've tried all 3 flavors now. The results are in!

    Posted by Bridget Gallimore on Sep 22nd 2018

    We had 5 taste-testers at 3 Gotcha Day parties. They enjoyed all 3 flavors, but the paws-down favorite is Cock-a-Doodle-Brew. They all loved it on food, as a frozen treat, or straight out of the bowl.
    Next favorite was Porky Pug Porter. Three testers couldn't get enough of it, two preferred it mixed in their food.
    They all enjoyed the Beefy Brown ale, especially over their food.

  2. Pretty Boy “kitty”

    Posted by Mary hummel on Sep 12th 2018

    Our kitty who is 17 years old just loves his beer. He has anemia and we are trying to get him to gain weight and keep it on. So far he has gained 2 pounds. We are hoping he continues

  3. Dog Love In A Bottle!

    Posted by Gloria Mathews on Mar 2nd 2018

    My dog, Orrin loved this fabulous dog beer. He loved the taste, (Cock-a-doodle Brew his fav) and I loved the ingredients. It's a win-win. Thank you BB!

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  5. Dogs love it!

    Posted by Leslie on Nov 27th 2017

    My dogs love it on their food! I also bought some to gifts and can’t wait to surprise my brother in law for his dog. Clever idea and packaging!

  6. A fun treat

    Posted by Ally on Jan 7th 2017

    I grabbed a six pack of mixed flavors because I'm a total sucker for nifty dog toys and treats! My hound loves them, but he also eats horse poop so he's not really hard to please.
    My cats, on the other hand, are picky little snots. They turned their nose up at it when offered straight, but absolutely inhaled their food when the "beer" was poured over their dry kibble!

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