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Will Trick for Treats-Why Dogs Love Halloween

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

The phrase “Trick OR Treat” implies that you’d better give a treat or else someone will do a trick on you.  That’s usually a negative consequence, EXCEPT when it comes to dogs.  Dogs excel at tricks and they are good tricks for the most part.  Not counting the counter surfing trick, or the shoe chewing trick or the hiding my car keys trick, most dogs do entertaining tricks that we are conditioned to reward for.  Sure, that’s how we get more tricks.  “Will Trick for Treats” is the motto of most dogs I know.

At Halloween time, please go easy on the treats, otherwise  you will be buying a holiday gym membership for your dog instead of a stocking full of toys.

Here’s the Top 10 reasons why dogs love Howl-O-ween.

  1. Dogs LOVE to howl with their outside voices.
  2. Au Natural dogs can laugh at all the ones forced to dress up.
  3. Owners drag them to party after party – full of treats!!
  4. If they eat too many treats, they won’t be able to fit into their costumes anymore (sad puppy look – smirk – sad, sad puppy eyes)
  5. Grazing opportunities increase ten-fold for bowls of goodies left at snout level.
  6. Chances of finding appetizers on coffee table increase with start of holiday party season.
  7. Candy!!  Do I smell candy?
  8. OK, I’ve been eating carrots, apples, and grain-free biscuits all year, now gimme that brat!
  9. They look good in orange, especially brown dogs.
  10. Extra long walks so their owners can walk off their sugar highs.

Drink and treat responsibly with your dogs and Happy Halloween!

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